AWM Warranty Data Analysis
AWM Warranty Management GmbH - Data Analysis

Warranty Data Analysis

AWM provides solutions for warranty data analysis,
early warning and evaluation of field failures

Provide, transform and analyze OEM warranty data

AWM explores all available warranty data to obtain best value out of it. We compile robust statistical information contained in warranty data and extract conclusions and facts in close collaboration with your team. Based on these results, we evaluate warranty exposure and help estimating technical and commercial risks.

AWM is a business partner of, a specialist of automated web-partal interface solution and data extraction.

Define early warning mechanisms and reporting procedures

AWM helps defining data base solutions to analyze warranty data efficiently and continuously, allowing to report your warranty costs and triggering warranty alerts. We help monitoring new products during ramp-up and right after series production start, ensuring to measure warranty performance and early warning.

AWM is an experienced business partner of We support your teams in Europe with integrating Ubiquiti software solutions and provide software user training.

"No-Trouble-Found" investigation based on dealer narratives and vehicle diagnostics

AWM applies analytical methods and software solutions to explore dealer diagnostics and customer narratives. The verbatim comments contain precious information about vehicle malfunctioning and reasons for customer dissatisfaction. We provide deep insight into structured and unstructured data from your customers and from your in-house analysis results with the objective to understand and solve problems.

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