Automotive Warranty Management

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Reduce warranty costs and avoid risk

AWM provides consulting and services to system suppliers and sub-suppliers of vehicle manufacturers in Europe. We develop efficient solutions to reduce your warranty costs and avoid risk.

AWM Warranty Management

Warranty Management

AWM provides warranty management consulting and services to automotive system and component suppliers

  • Control warranty recovery and reduce warranty cost
  • Implement and train "Field Failure Analysis" process according to VDA and ZVEI recommendations
  • Implement customer-specific requirements and processes with KORN CONSULT GROUP
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AWM Warranty Management - Warranty Data Analysis

Warranty Data Analysis

AWM provides solutions for warranty data analysis, early warning and evaluation of field failures

  • Provide, transform and analyze OEM warranty data with DATA AUTOMATION
  • Early warning and performance reporting with UBIQUITI
  • Deep dive into warranty data, "No-Trouble-Found" investigation based on dealer narratives and vehicle diagnostics
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AWM Warranty Management - Claim Management

Claim Management

AWM provides consulting for risk evaluation and strategy development in response to customer complaints

  • Identify potential reasons for failure and root causes (Fault Tree Analysis)
  • Evaluate risk and develop a strategy for liability negotiation
  • Manage problem solving teams, organize data governance, communicate with legal support and across the supply chain
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