AWM Warranty Data Analysis
AWM Warranty Management GmbH - Claim Management

Claim Management

AWM provides consulting for risk evaluation and strategy
development in response to warranty cost recovery and complaints

Identify potential reasons for failure and root causes (Fault Tree Analysis)

AWM helps determining and understanding the potential failure modes related to customer complaints. We analyze the failure chain and fault tree between symptoms, root causes and product defects (FTA) and we help identifying the associated risks.

Evaluate risk and develop strategies for liability negotiation

AWM analyses the warranty costs requested by your customer, the risk and related responsibilities. We evaluate contracts, product specifications and the statement of work. Based on our prognostics and forecasts, we help developing a strategy for negotiation with your customer.

Manage problem solving teams and communicate across the supply chain

AWM assists your team with rapid problem solving and defining solid countermeasures. We help minimizing the claimed warranty costs and reducing future risk exposure.

AWM Warranty Management GmbH

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