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About us

AWM provides consulting and services to automotive suppliers
and their sub-suppliers. We deliver efficient solutions to evaluate and reduce
your warranty costs while focusing on customer satisfaction across the value chain.

Our competences

Our team has many years of experience in project management, warranty management and claim management between the vehicle manufacturers and their system suppliers in Europe. Based on open communication and efficient analysis, we identify potential root causes of your warranty cost. We help defining and implementing warranty management strategies and we propose solutions according to specific customer requirements.

Guiding problem solving teams, support in liability negotiations. Expert Knowledge in data analytics, OEM recovery processes, early warning and No-Trouble-Found investigations.

AWM is an experienced business partner of We support your team with integrating Ubiquiti software solutions and provide software application training.

Stephan Rubel
Stephan Jegl

Managing Director

(Stephan Jegl until 2017, Founder of AWM in 2008)

Languages: German, French, English, Italian, Spanish

Master of Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen

20 years of experience as program and warranty manager with global responsibilities at several automotive system suppliers in France and Germany. Interacting with automotive supplier associations such as ZVEI, OESA, CLEPA, VDA and FIEV.

Jeong Lan Lee
Jeong Lan Lee

Managing Director

Master of Law (L.L.M.), University in Seoul and Trier

Languages:  Korean, German, English

Email:  contact (at)

AWM Warranty Management GmbH

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